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About Pablo Bogdan Gallery
Original Art Representations

Buenos Aires, Argentina 1980, Pablo Bogdan is a lawyer, original artist manager and LA based gallery owner. Pablo started his interest for art at very young age influenced by his father, an antique and art collector. Pablo’s career as art advisor and art marchant in Buenos Aires predominantly started intermediating between BA and Miami, FL. Starting his lawyer career back in 2006, he soon blend into art representations with the ethical commitment from a lawyer representing the interests of the artists and the collectors as one long term relationship. Soon after his first representations, Pablo developed strong relations with artists, collectors, art producers and fellow gallerists. In 2020 he organized the art auction for the leukemia research to Fundaleu offering over 130 pieces from 34 different artists. During 2021 and 2022 Pablo organized different art shows in the City of LA to finally open his art gallery at the end of 2022 in Los Angeles. His artists and relationships made him get acquainted with Annina Nosei, former curator, art teacher and gallerist of artists like Marcel Duchamp, Jean Michel Basquiat, Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer among many successful others. Annina’s influence and works suggestions are a main inspiration for Pablo’s gallery exhibitions. The artists he represents can be seen at his Gallery Artsy page. Interviews and shows at his YouTube page.

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